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Charcuterie Board Printable

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Creating a stunning charcuterie board is a culinary art form that's not only delicious but also visually impressive. However, it's all too easy to go over budget when sourcing the ingredients. That's where our Charcuterie Board Planner Printable comes to the rescue.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Stay on Budget: Charcuterie boards can get expensive quickly, with numerous elements to consider. Our printable planner helps you stay on budget by guiding your ingredient choices and quantities.
  • Effortless Planning: We've taken the guesswork out of charcuterie board planning. With our planner, you'll effortlessly create a charcuterie masterpiece, from selecting the perfect cheeses to the ideal assortment of cured meats and accompaniments.
  • Customization: While we keep you on budget, our planner also allows for customization. Tailor your charcuterie board to suit your taste and preferences while managing your expenses.
  • Simplify Shopping: No more wandering the aisles, wondering if you've picked up everything you need. Our printable provides a clear shopping list, making your trip to the store quick and efficient.


• Letter Size (8.5’’ x 11’’)

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Last updated Nov 1, 2023

You will get a TWO PAGE Digital Download of the Charcuterie Board Ingredient List and a Planning Template

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Charcuterie Board Printable

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